CrCo and Ti Metal Milling 


We mill constructions on unit implants and also on structures of several implants, both for ceramic coating and composite or resin coating, and all types of stump preparation for ceramic coating on CrCo and Ti.


Digital Prostheses in Zi 

Complete anatomy and implants 

Zirconium, one of the great materials of this new digital era, represents one of our specialties in the milling and design of prostheses, both on dental stump and on Ti interface for its preparation on implants. We have developed a laboratory / clinical / patient protocol to successfully carry out the manufacture and placement of an anatomical prosthesis in Zi with total success. 

Milling in Crowns without metal

Blocks of Lithium Disilicate, Feldspathic Ceramics and Nano-composites

With these high aesthetic materials we can offer a support service in their works that demand high aesthetics, since the translucency of them and being able to dispense with the metal base offer a dynamic of aesthetics very demanded in current practice. 

Implant structures 

Hybrid in Ti, PEEK and Fiberglass 

Current dentistry offers us a great challenge in the design and manufacture of implant prostheses, a challenge that we have achieved to reach a maximum level of quality in all our milled structures in diverse materials for implant-supported hybrids.

Fixed Prosthesis


Removable Prosthesis


Ceramo-metal fixed prosthesis

CrCo milled metal base

 Milled titanium metal base 

Zirconium fixed prosthesis 

Zi base for ceramic coating 

Crown and pontic in anatomical or monolithic Zi 

Fixed prosthesis without metal in Feldespathic ceramics

High aesthetic milled inlays and onlays 

Fixed prosthesis without metal in Lithium Disilicate 

Crowns, inlays and milled onlays for dental aesthetics 

Fixed prosthesis on implants 

Crown and ceramic metal bridge in CrCo with direct implant

Zi crown anatomical on Ti base 

CrCo structure for resin metal hybrid

Ti structure for resin metal hybrid

Zi structure for hybrid over Ti interface

Peek structure for resin hybrid based on Ti

Peek structure for Zi crowns hybrid over Ti interfaces

Full and partial digital 

Design and preparation by milling machine and 3D printing 

 Skeletal digital structures 

Digital design and 3D printing

Splints Download

Design and manufacturing with milling and 3D printing procedures