Our History



Dental VAES began its journey 24 years ago, offering its dental prosthesis manufacturing services, the evolution of denture design and manufacturing systems has led to the digitization of our procedures for more than 10 years, which we can currently offer design, milling and construction services of fully digital dental prostheses and our experience to advise and build your dental prostheses with the highest quality standards. 

The incorporation of industrial milling machines for the development of our work, has been evolving little by little until with the last of our incorporations we offer milling in all dental materials, both from the CrCo; like Ti ; to the Zi; and also blocks of Lithium Disilicate, feldspathic ceramics, nanoceramics or latest generation composites, PEEK, Fiberglass and all those materials that could be milled to offer any type of digital prosthesis that our sector is currently demanding.